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Child safety is of paramount importance to Homestyle Interiors. Window blind cords and chains can pose a risk to young children in relation to becoming entangled in hanging looped cords.
All of our blinds are supplied by manufacturers who conform with the BBSA “make it safe” campaign.
Aluminium venetian blinds are now supplied as standard with a childsafe acorn connector which will split apart to break the look if any significant pressure is applied.

All blinds supplied with a side chain mechanism with be length restricted and supplied with an “easy break” connector which is designed to come apart under pressure. This can be easily popped back on if pulled apart accidentally

Roller blind and roman blinds are supplied with a cord restrictor to attach the chain to the wall so that there is no hanging loop.

It is illegal for blind companies to install blinds that do not comply with the childsafe regulations introduced in 2014. The above childsafe adaptations are not optional, even in households here there are no children normally present.

This may mean that any new blinds that you order from us may have different chain lengths/connectors to any previous blinds.

There are also loads of options available that don’t have any cords!
Pop into the store to have a look at:

Senses and spring loaded roller blinds
Plantation Shutters
Simple fit pleated and venetian blinds
Wand operated vertical blinds
Lite-rise pleated blinds
Battery operated remote control blinds (roller, venetians, pleated, silhouette)
INTU and Perfect Fit rollers, pleated and venetians.

If you already have blinds up and are concerned about child safety – give us a call! We’ll do a free safety audit and can provide what you need to keep looped cords away from your children/grandchildren.

Have a read of the childsafe brochure

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